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Raw Pepper Salad

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Raw Pepper Salad: A Quick and Nutritious Meal On-the-Go

raw pepper salad

Discover a simple and delicious way to enjoy a fresh meal on-the-go with this raw pepper salad recipe. Packed with vibrant bell peppers of various colors, this salad offers a burst of flavors and a myriad of nutritional benefits. Learn how to prep this refreshing dish quickly and easily, whether you prefer to prepare it ahead of time or whip it up just before serving.

  • 1 red bell pepper (seeded and chopped)

  • 1 orange bell pepper (seeded and chopped)

  • 1 yellow bell pepper (seeded and chopped)

  • 2 ears of corn (removed from cob)

  • 1-2 handfuls of micro herbs

  • Dash of sea salt

  • Dash of garlic powder

  • Drizzle of your favorite salad dressing

  1. Combine the chopped bell peppers, corn kernels, micro herbs, sea salt, and garlic powder in a mixing bowl.

  2. Toss the ingredients well until they are evenly mixed.

  3. Transfer the salad onto a plate, spreading it out to create an appealing presentation.

  4. Drizzle your preferred salad dressing over the salad, adding a burst of flavor.

  5. For extra texture and taste, consider garnishing the salad with nuts or seeds of your choice.

Serving Recommendations:

This raw pepper salad is perfect for a light lunch or a refreshing side dish. It pairs well with grilled chicken or fish for a complete and satisfying meal. You can also serve it as an appetizer or a colorful addition to your potluck spread. Feel free to customize the salad by adding your favorite toppings or adjusting the seasonings to suit your taste.

Nutritional Facts (per serving):
  • Calories: 130

  • Total Fat: 2g

  • Saturated Fat: 0.3g

  • Trans Fat: 0g

  • Cholesterol: 0mg

  • Sodium: 180mg

  • Total Carbohydrate: 28g

  • Dietary Fiber: 6g

  • Sugars: 9g

  • Protein: 5g

Note: Nutritional values may vary depending on the specific ingredients and quantities used, as well as the choice of salad dressing.

Nutritional Information:
  • Bell peppers are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B6, providing a significant boost to your immune system.

  • With their high dietary fiber content, bell peppers aid in digestion and promote a healthy gut.

  • Being low in calories, this salad is an excellent choice for those watching their weight.

  • Bell peppers are hydrating due to their high-water content, making this salad a refreshing choice during warmer months.


Elevate your mealtime with this raw pepper salad recipe that combines the vibrant flavors of bell peppers with the convenience of a quick preparation. Packed with essential vitamins, dietary fiber, and a refreshing crunch, this salad is a nutritious and satisfying option for individuals on the go. Customize it to your liking, and enjoy the benefits of a fresh and wholesome meal in minutes!

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