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The Hike to Bell Rock

Rediscovering Nature: Our Journey from San Diego to the Hike to Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona

Bell Rock, Sedona Arizona

Last year on our anniversary in February, my husband and I found ourselves in San Diego, soaking in the coastal views along the cliffs and wandering through the quaint streets of the beach town. Amidst this scenic setting, we realized how much beauty was waiting back home in Arizona—untouched and ready for us to explore.

A Spark of Inspiration

It was time. We decided to get moving in nature, starting small with a quick hike in the Superstition Mountains: Jacobs Trailhead and Treasure Loop. That sense of animating wonder fueled us to do something even more iconic later that month—the red rocks of Sedona.

bell rock view from wildflower inn

The Sedona Adventure

In March 2023, we embarked on a transformative journey, starting from the cozy Wildflower Inn at Bell Rock. Our trek on the Bell Rock Pathway was just under 4 miles, but each step was a revelation. If I'm honest, the photos and videos I took along the way don’t quite capture the breathtaking views—the sprawling vistas and towering formations were just too grand. Yet, that’s the magic of it, isn't it?

A New Chapter in Our Lives

From this day, hiking has become a magnificent way for us to challenge ourselves, stay active, and find deep connections with the world. It has become the lifeblood flowing through this vibrant chapter of our lives, drawing us to new trails and continually adding to our growing story.

bell rock views

Join Us on Our Adventures

We’ve been eagerly sharing these adventures and would love for you to be part of this journey. Watch our video from the hike to Bell Rock [insert video link here]—perhaps it will inspire you to lace up your boots and explore the beauty around you.

Be sure to check out our YouTube video of the hike. Use the link here:

Don’t forget to hit like, leave a comment, share your own hiking stories, and follow us for more updates. If you’re craving more adventures, head over to my blog to keep up with our hiking tales and sign up for updates. Let’s embrace the outdoors together—there’s no better time to start than right now!

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