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My Story

Deborah Marsh

In 1984, Frances Moore Lappé's book "Diet for a Small Planet" ignited my curiosity in vegetarianism. Although I initially attempted to switch to a vegetarian diet, I wasn't fully committed and reverted to my previous diet after just over a year. Later on, I stumbled upon the raw food movement via "Raw: The Uncook Book" and, a raw food recipe website. However, it wasn't until I began working at Wisdom Natural Brands, the makers of SweetLeaf Sweetener, in 2006 that I decided to make a lifestyle change. After struggling with debilitating health issues, I researched and experimented with recipes, eliminating foods that caused my health problems. I rediscovered "Raw: The Uncook Book" and became officially hooked on the raw food diet and lifestyle.

Since then, I have successfully managed my weight, resolved my health issues, and felt more energetic than ever before. In 2007, I wrote and published "Raw-Riffic Food's 101 Super-Charged Juices, Shakes & Smoothies," my first recipe book, and created my blog, "Raw-Riffic Food." In 2008, I authored and published "Raw-Riffic Food’s Raw Food Basics," my second recipe book, which contains comprehensive resources, recommended reading, websites, and online stores. During that time, I presented at health events, offered individual guidance, and participated in several raw food communities both online and locally.

Over the years, I have continued to enhance my knowledge and experience in creating an optimal diet, primarily composed of plant-based foods. For several years, I predominantly ate vegan meals and occasionally included cooked foods. I launched a new blog called “The Vega-Riffic Lifestyle” and continued to share my expertise and personal journey with others.

Now, nearly two decades later, just shy of age 60, I have discovered that a plant-based flexitarian diet is most beneficial for my health and well-being. The key to my health journey has always been centered around consuming mostly plant-based foods and minimizing processed foods. I encourage everyone to consider the benefits of consuming a mostly plant-based diet, including raw and living foods, primarily organic, with minimal animal by-products and processing. Experiment with your own personal culinary experience, and find inspiration, motivation, and information in the recipes and information available on my site and in my books. Here's to good health and a journey worth living and experiencing!

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