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Pumpkin Empanadas and Creamy Pumpkin Ice Cream

Delicious Early Pumpkin Season Treats: Raw Pumpkin Empanadas and Creamy Pumpkin Ice Cream

pumpkin treats

Dive into the fall spirit with my homemade raw, mostly vegan Pumpkin Empanadas—a true taste of creativity and heartwarming flavors. Made with care and inspired by tradition, these joyful treats perfectly capture the essence of the season. Each empanada features a delicate, flavorful crust hugging a delicious filling of fresh pumpkin puree, beautifully combining the sweet and spicy notes of fall. With every bite, you'll experience a mix of textures and flavors that are both familiar and fresh. My Pumpkin Empanadas radiate the cozy feeling of homemade goodness, creating unforgettable moments without any baking required. They pair wonderfully with my homemade pumpkin ice cream too! Recipe included in this post.


Exploring Empanadas and My Raw, Mostly Vegan Pumpkin Twist:

Empanadas—basically, stuff wrapped in dough—are like culinary magic. Imagine this: you pack tasty fillings into dough, then bake or fry for yumminess. And guess what? This magic goes global, loved from Latin America to the Philippines, each place adding their own twist to fillings and cooking.

Here's something cool: empanadas were like the OG travel snack. Easy to carry, sealed up for freshness. That's why travelers and traders loved having them—a tasty buddy for their trips.

What's cooler? Empanadas can be both savory and sweet. They're awesome with meats and veggies, and they're game for fruity jams in dessert mode.

Imagine a food party where empanadas are the stars. They show up as street snacks, finger food, even taking over as hearty meals. And with sauces like chimichurri or salsa, they're extra awesome.

Fun fact: in some places, empanadas even get their own celebration days. Like in Argentina, they're the go-to snack on Independence Day. 🎉

Now, get ready for the good stuff. My raw, mostly vegan Pumpkin Empanadas join the scene, mixing old-school charm with fresh vibes. These little pockets hold a pumpkin surprise, wrapped in a tasty crust. It's like a fall celebration that nods to tradition while adding modern twists. Now for the recipe. Let's get started!

Healthy Benefits of the Ingredients:
  1. Pumpkin Puree: Rich in vitamins A and C, pumpkin puree is also a good source of fiber and antioxidants. It supports eye health, boosts the immune system, and aids digestion.

  2. Coconut Flour: Low in carbohydrates and high in fiber, coconut flour is gluten-free and can help regulate blood sugar levels and promote digestive health.

  3. Super Sprouted Flour: Made from sprouted grains, this flour offers improved nutrient absorption, increased enzymes, and reduced antinutrients, making it easier on digestion.

  4. Flaxseed: Packed with omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, flaxseed supports heart health, aids digestion, and can help stabilize blood sugar levels.

  5. Raw Honey and Raw Agave Nectar: These natural sweeteners offer a lower glycemic index compared to refined sugars, providing a gentler impact on blood sugar levels.

  6. Dates: High in fiber and natural sugars, dates offer sustained energy and are a source of essential minerals like potassium and magnesium.

  7. Pumpkin Spice: The blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices adds not only a delicious flavor but also antioxidants and potential anti-inflammatory properties.

pumpkin empanadas

Raw Pumpkin Empanadas Recipe:

Pumpkin Puree:


  • 1-2 fresh pie pumpkins or sugar pumpkins


  1. Slice the pumpkins in half and place the open side down on a baking dish. Add a bit of water to create steam.

  2. Bake the pumpkins in a preheated oven at 350 degrees F for about 45 minutes to an hour.

  3. Remove the pumpkins from the oven and let them cool. Scrape out the seeds and scoop out the pumpkin flesh.

  4. Place the pumpkin flesh in a high-speed blender and blend until smooth and pulpy. Your pumpkin puree is now ready to use.

Pumpkin Empanadas:


  • 1 cup coconut flour

  • 2 cups Super Sprouted flour

  • ½ cup coconut oil

  • ½ cup ground flaxseed

  • ¼ cup raw honey (lightly melted)

  • ¼ cup raw agave nectar

  • 1 cup soaked dates w/water (1/4 -1/3 cup date water)

  • 1 ½ tsp pumpkin spice

  • Dash of pink Himalayan salt

  • 1 cup water (+/-)


  1. Blend soaked dates with water in a high-speed blender until a gooey paste forms. Set aside.

  2. Mix coconut flour, Super Sprouted flour, pumpkin spice, and salt in a large mixing bowl.

  3. Add flaxseed and coconut oil, and mix well. Incorporate date paste, melted honey, and agave, mixing thoroughly.

  4. Gradually add water to form a dough ball.


  1. Roll out the dough and cut out medium to large circles, similar to the size of a large cookie.

  2. Place a heaping dollop of the pumpkin filling in the center of the dough circles if using the sandwich technique, or to one side if folding the dough over.

  3. Gently sandwich or fold over the dough, being careful not to press down on the filling. Press around the edges to seal the empanadas. Score the edges with a fork.

Pumpkin Filling:


  • 1 ½ cups raw cashews

  • ½ cup raw hazelnuts

  • 1 ½ – 2 cups purified water

  • 1 ½ – 2 cups pumpkin puree* (fresh – not canned)

  • 3 tsp or more pumpkin spice

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  • ¼ cup Grade B maple syrup

  • 6 drops English Toffee flavored SweetLeaf Stevia

  • 3 T raw honey

  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon

  • 1 T coconut oil


  1. Blend cashews and hazelnuts with water in a high-speed blender until smooth.

  2. Gradually add the remaining ingredients except for the coconut oil, blending until the mixture is thick and creamy.

  3. Incorporate coconut oil and blend again.

Serving Suggestions:
  1. Place assembled empanadas in a dehydrator for 4-6 hours, flipping them over halfway through. Serve warm, chilled, or at room temperature. Dehydrated empanadas can be stored for a longer period.

  2. Alternatively, you can freeze or refrigerate the finished empanadas to set before serving.

Nutrition Facts:

(Per Serving, based on 10 servings)

  • Calories: Approximately 180-200

  • Total Fat: Approximately 8-10g

    • Saturated Fat: Approximately 4-5g

  • Cholesterol: Approximately 0mg

  • Sodium: Approximately 100-150mg

  • Total Carbohydrates: Approximately 25-30g

    • Dietary Fiber: Approximately 3-4g

    • Sugars: Approximately 10-12g

  • Protein: Approximately 3-4g

pumpkin icecream

Pumpkin Ice Cream: A Cozy Taste of Fall Memories

Think of Pumpkin Ice Cream as a hug from autumn. Back in 1929, it showed up in an ice cream shop in Oregon and became a hit. You can have it all by itself or share the fun on pies, cakes, or even pancakes.

What's super cool? This ice cream brings back memories of family hangouts and special times. And here's the twist: I've got a raw recipe that gives this classic a modern twist. It's like a taste of tradition mixed with a new adventure. Plus, it goes perfectly with my featured pumpkin empanadas!

Creamy Pumpkin Ice Cream Recipe:

Healthy Benefits of the Ingredients:
  1. Raw Cashews and Raw Hazelnuts: These nuts are rich in healthy fats, protein, and essential minerals like magnesium and zinc. They support heart health, brain function, and skin health.

  2. Pumpkin Puree: As mentioned earlier, pumpkin is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, supporting overall health and well-being.

  3. Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon: Both spices offer potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, aiding in digestion and blood sugar regulation.

  4. Grade B Maple Syrup, SweetLeaf Stevia, and Raw Honey: These natural sweeteners add sweetness with varying degrees of impact on blood sugar, providing healthier alternatives to refined sugars.

  5. Coconut Oil: Known for its medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), coconut oil supports metabolism, energy, and brain function.

  6. Vanilla Extract: Beyond its delightful flavor, vanilla extract can potentially have antioxidant and mood-enhancing properties.


  1. Use the remaining pumpkin filling to create a delectable pumpkin ice cream.

  2. Place the pumpkin filling in a container and mix well.

  3. Cover the container and let it sit in the freezer for at least 4 hours, occasionally stirring the mixture.

  4. Your homemade pumpkin ice cream will be rich, creamy, and ready to serve.

Nutrition Facts:

(Per Serving, based on 10 servings)

  • Serving Size: 1 scoop

  • Calories: Approximately 150-180

  • Total Fat: Approximately 10-12g

    • Saturated Fat: Approximately 6-7g

  • Cholesterol: Approximately 0mg

  • Sodium: Approximately 20-40mg

  • Total Carbohydrates: Approximately 14-18g

    • Dietary Fiber: Approximately 2-3g

    • Sugars: Approximately 10-12g

  • Protein: Approximately 3-4g

Remember, these values are approximate and can vary depending on factors such as ingredient brands, specific measurements, and any variations you might make in the recipes.

General Benefits:
  • Fiber: Both recipes include ingredients high in dietary fiber, which aids digestion, helps control blood sugar levels, and supports heart health.

  • Healthy Fats: Nuts, coconut oil, and seeds in these recipes contribute essential fatty acids that are vital for brain health, hormone production, and cellular function.

  • Antioxidants: Pumpkin, spices, and nuts are rich in antioxidants that help combat oxidative stress and inflammation, supporting overall health and longevity.

  • Low Glycemic Impact: The use of natural sweeteners and fiber-rich ingredients helps minimize rapid spikes in blood sugar levels, promoting sustained energy and reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

  • Nutrient Density: Many ingredients in these recipes are nutrient-dense, providing a range of vitamins, minerals, and bioactive compounds essential for optimal health.

Both empanadas and pumpkin ice cream bring a touch of cultural diversity and culinary creativity to our tables. Whether you're savoring the savory goodness of an empanada or indulging in the creamy delight of pumpkin ice cream, these treats offer a wonderful blend of tradition and innovation.

With these Raw Pumpkin Empanadas and Creamy Pumpkin Ice Cream, you'll be savoring the essence of autumn even before the leaves start to change. Don't miss out on this unique early pumpkin season treat that's both satisfying and wholesome.

Disclaimer: The content provided here is intended for informational purposes only. The information, recipes, and suggestions shared are not a substitute for professional advice. Always consult with a qualified expert or medical professional regarding any health, dietary, or lifestyle changes. The author is not liable for any outcomes based on the use or misuse of the information provided. Reader discretion is advised.

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